Discover Düsseldorf

Discover the metropolis of Düsseldorf on the Rhine

Situated in the middle of the Rhineland, the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia shines with its diverse offerings.

As a trade fair city with a wide variety of exhibitions, it is a magnet for many visitors from all over the world. The leisure facilities for city travellers are also attractive.

The excellent transport connections, e.g. by plane, train and car, make the journey easy. In addition to a well-developed tram network, there are many mobility options in the city centre, such as car sharing, bicycle, e-scooter and e-scooter rental. This makes it easy to explore the city without having to search for a parking space.

In addition to the Old Town with its “longest bar in the world” and many picturesque alleys, the Media Harbour, designed by renowned architects from all over the world, attracts visitors with its exciting and diverse nightlife.

Not only the exclusive shopping offer of the Königsallee, with its magnificent buildings and old chestnut trees, but also many attractive shops with a wide variety of products spread all over the city invite you to take a stroll.

The city can also be easily explored on a guided tour, with a wide range of activities for everyone.

Sports enthusiasts can, for example, cheer along with the athletes in the ISS Dome or the Merkur Arena. But the city’s interesting range of activities also allows for a varied individual sports programme both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the green spaces and parks, as well as the Botanical and Japanese Gardens, Düsseldorf also offers quieter places to relax.

Visitors with a cultural interest will get their money’s worth. In addition to art museums, numerous galleries and street art in the cityscape offer art lovers a varied selection.

Various museums also offer exhibitions on history, but also, for example, on film culture or a visit to the house where Heinrich Heine was born.

Düsseldorf is known for its diverse music scene. The Tonhalle, Deutsche Oper am Rhein or Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté are just some of the venues for a colourful variety of music with interesting concert series.

Several highlights in the annual calendar, such as the famous Rhine fun fair or the Rhenish carnival attract numerous visitors to the city every year.

The diverse range of activities and the cosmopolitan population offer every visitor a varied stay.

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